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Salema is one of Portugal’s last fisherman’s villages. There’s no such thing as “the last undiscovered tourist destination” on the Portuguese coast. There is such a thing as small Algarve towns where sun lovers share intimate beaches with colourful wooden fishing boats.

Salema has two faces. The most well known is the town with little white houses, big eyed children, lazy dogs and fishermen with life written all over their faces. A small part of the town has been renovated and build for tourists. On a frequent base there’s a morning market, where clothing, vegetables, fruit and sardines are offered. 

Tourists challenge the sun while the locals seek shelter in the shade. Tractors push and pull the fishing boats to sea, little children play in the waves and old men repair the fishing nets.

Salema is still a fisherman’s village. The old fish market is no longer in use but it still provides shade for the villagers who gather here to share the news of the day. The terracotta crocks are fishing tools, used for fishing octopus. The crocks are laid out for the coast attached to long lines. Octopus who use crocks as comfortable hide outs are hoisted into the boats.

In Portugal, restaurant owners can only rent out beach beds and parasols when they provide a lifeguard for the beach. A green, yellow and red warning system is used for the warning flag. Restaurant / beach pavilion Atlantico, that guards the beach of Salema, take their job seriously. The life guard, flags and toilet facilities are available all summer round.

Algarve diving

The best diving locations in Portugal are situated on the Algarve coast. in Praia da Luz, Praia da Marinha and Ponta da Piedade there are rocky reefs and shipwrecks that intensify your diving experience. The best diving circumstances are with wind from the west and when the tide is low. Visibility is best in summer when the ocean is quiet.


Only 4 kilometres away from Salema there are four tennis courts with a choice between hard court and artificial turf. Beginner and advance tennis players can book lessons. 

Sailing and cave excursions

Just enjoy the clear water, cool winds and the beautiful coastal view of the Algarve. Take a day cruise to swim in the warm and clean water of the Atlantic Ocean or enjoy a romantic sunset at sea with the famous Sunset Cruise. You can also book a cave excursion exploring the many caves along the coastline. 

Cycling and mountainbiking

The southwestern corner of Portugal is an ideal location to mountain bike and cycle. There are stretched national parks en endless roads off the beaten track between Lagos and Sagres.

Horseback riding

There’s a riding school 10 minutes away from Salema. You can book rides for 1 or 2 hours, half a day or a full day through quiet valleys, over wooded hills or along the steep Algarve cliffs.


On the most beautiful surfing beaches of Southwest Portugal with big waves and a great surf there are plenty of opportunities to surf. There’s no need for experience because the coast is dotted with surfing schools. 


Just walking in Algarve you’ll immediately notice the beautiful scenery. Half of January the almond trees begin to blossom and in May the poppies and other field flowers come out. There are many marked walking routes along the coast and the inland.